White Knight Limousine has a history of helping people with luxury transportation.

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White Knight Transportation Services

Providing Quality Transportation Since 1990

LG Limousine is now a division of White Knight Limousine

As of January 2016, LG Limousine and White Knight Limousine provides you a wide array of expanded services.

We believe it is unnecessary to get in a car with a stranger. We believe personal comfort is about more than just great vehicles. Our focus is on delighting passengers with extraordinary reliability, safety, choice, and comfort. From confirmations with driver pictures and bios, to snacks and personable drivers—we want you to feel safe. It’s more than a ride. It’s knowing. And it's genuine.

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The Founder's Focus is You!

Our owner, Andy Chernoby, can't wait to meet you and discover how we can best serve you; still, we realize trust, confidence, and confidentiality are essential when looking for a car service and chauffeur—and we don't want you to feel like you are hiring a stranger. So while you will find rates and lots of other information here on the web site, here is a little about who we are:

Be Protected: 

Fully Licensed, Inspected, and Properly Insured Know who you work with. Our MDOT License is #L2865; USDOT #MC-788259-P.

Our vehicles and drivers comply with strict insurance requirements and regulations from the Michigan Department of Transportation and the U.S. D.O.T. Under Michigan law if you hire someone to transport you or a loved one in a vehicle the provider operates, the vehicle MUST be an inspected and licensd limousine service, driven by a licensed chauffeur—and they must also provide driver history and credentials upon request. Unfortunately, there are many "fly-by-night" operators out there. If ever in doubt, you should specifically look for the MDOT limousine medallion sticker on the driver's side rear of the vehicle, and ask to see a copy of the limousine certificate and driver's record on board the vehicle.

You Choose:

  • The industry-leading leg room, accouterments, and stability of our vehicles ... or traditional town cars, limo buses, stretch limousines, and more.
  • Peace and quiet, or intelligent conversation.
  • Attentive accompaniment to a medical center, or a business-friendly airport limousine.
  • A short local trip to a Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids event, or a relaxing (or productive) sedan limousine to Chicago.

See what Clients are Saying

*** "Little Green Limo is the only option for me in the Kalamazoo area. I never expected to get the type of customer service that i received. I was just looking for a quick and economical way to travel from Grand Rapids Airport to Kalamazoo and then back, when picking up my daughter from K college. Steve was awsome. He was so friendly, helpful, lots of luggage to load and so customer oriented. I also work in the transportation industry and this is the best customer service I have witnessed. I highly recommend his service to everyone. Any time I go to Michigan I will be using his service. You wont be disappointed." ---Terry from Denver, CO (posted at yp.com)

*** "Everything was great, Matt was great, the car was great, the ride was great, he arrived early which was great, your efficiency was great, your service was great, your thoroughness was great. On a scale from 0 to 10 I'd give you 1,000 at the least. If we come again we'll be sure to call you. Thanks very much for great service and a great trip." -- Linda Patton (9/3/14)

*** "When my parents came for their first visit to Kalamazoo, we used Steve to get them into town from Grand Rapids airport. Steve was incredibly easy to work with, pleasant and professional, and was even flexible in the route he took based on my requests. My parents had an excellent time on both of their trips with Steve, and were very complimentary of his personality, driving and overall service. In fact, they are already looking forward to their next visit so they can use him again. I would definitely recommend Little Green Limo to anyone." --Glenn from Kalamazoo (via Google review)

*** "Steve is Fantastic!! My husband and I were visiting friends in Kalamazoo and needed a lift to Grand Rapids Airport. Steve was on time, actually a few minutes early, and very friendly. We will definitely use his services again and I would with out a doubt recommend him to anyone!" --Julianna from California (via Google review)

*** "Steve is GREAT! I will use Little Green Limo for both my business and personal needs going forward. He is genuinely interested in the customers experience and goes above and beyond at every opportunity. I would highly recommend Little Green Limo." -- Zach from Kalamazoo (posted at yp.com)

*** "What I liked more than anything else: His whole focus is on comfort for the passenger. ... I just appreciated the attentiveness of the service he's rendering. ... I was totally comfortable going and coming. … I'm deeply grateful to him. That kind of business is the kind of business you just want to see flourish. The best way to do that is to become a regular customer." — Rev. Servant Leader Billie Dalton, Battle Creek, Michigan.

*** "I used your car service to get to GRR. Just wanted to say thanks—Tom was very prompt and I enjoyed speaking with him on the way to the airport. I appreciated the fact that you were able to make the arrangements to fit me into your schedule. Your car service is pleasant, convenient and reasonable!" — Maria Korzekwinski

*** "Thank you Steve so much for your great little green service. I will pass on the recommendations." — Meg Waldo Bowen, via Facebook



Our Chauffeurs

Taking good care of you is our genuine pleasure. We believe it is unnecessary to get in a car with a stranger. We want you to feel safe and enjoy your ride—be that with quiet relaxation, your favorite Sirius/XM satellite channel, or friendly dialogue. So here is a little bit about us:

Steve Gibson

Greetings! I'm Steve Gibson, the creator of LG Limousine, and it's absolutely my pleasure to drive for you. It's true, I talked my mother into taking me to the Secretary of State during lunch on my 16th birthday, so I could get my driver's license. Ever since, I'm the guy who prefers to do the driving. I've been fortunate to fly airplanes, explore sunken shipwrecks 250' below the ocean, and operate all sorts of equipment in my life, but I truly still enjoy driving our clients. Add to that the fact our clients are the most kind and amazing people, and I'm in a good place.

Want to hear a secret? My siblings nicknamed me "Mr. Safety." Another? When clients aren't in the car, I'm an audiobook nut who enjoys philosophy, economics, existential questions, and shaking my head at just how wrong many of my opinions have been over the years (a topic I covered in my own books). I've changed my mind at least once on just about every big question of life, which sadly forces me to admit that even my current/revised views may be just as flawed. Whether you want to ride in silence, or chat about currents events and see just how wrong my insights can be, one thing is for sure: I truly enjoy taking good care of people, and will enjoy our time together.

Terry Therkildsen

Greetings, my name is Terry. I retired in 2013 after a 30-year career in the paper industry, in Michigan and Mississippi, and 10 years as a contract computer system technical writer and quality analyst. Driving is really a pleasure for me, and I have at times driven for a living—in freight forwarding and courier service. I really enjoy getting people where they want to be safely, comfortably, and on time. Still married to my first wife, I have three grown children, four grandchildren, and love to visit them in Oklahoma and Colorado. Ski and snowshoeing occupy me in the winter when I'm not driving, and I enjoy play golf in the summer. I look forward to meeting you.

Larry Ellison

Hello, I'm Larry Ellison. Apart from being Steve's neighbor for a couple decades—my real claim to fame—I'm a long-time Kalamazoo area resident who officially retired from Pfizer. I then kept working at Borgess Medical Center in IT and logistics—only to retire again, and then get roped into working some more by LG Limousine—at least when I'm not camping or kayaking with my wife Sue and our golden retrievers.

Stephanie Nelsen

Steve offered a secret, so I will too. I'm Stephanie Nelsen, and I really like the founder of this operation, so much that he's my spouse. My very full-time job is as a nurse liaison manager at the West Michigan Cancer Center, but occasionally it is my sincere pleasure to put my chauffeur's license to work and meet some of our fine clients.

Matt Belen

Hello, I'm Matt Belen. Aside from a four-year stint attending school in Saginaw, I've lived in Kalamazoo my whole life. I am currently in the process of finishing my education at Western Michigan University, to become a police officer. I studied German and am somewhat fluent of the language, but have not found too many speakers in this area. I also recently ended a nine-year tour with the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Explorer Post 265, where I started as an Explorer Cadet and finished as a Civilian Advisor, helping teach students interested in law enforcement. Just like Steve, ever since I received my license I have loved to drive. Along with LG Limousine, I currently work as an assistant manager/delivery driver for Geno's Pizza & Pub in Parchment, MI. Although I'm a history nut, I enjoy reading books on just about any topic. I also like going for walks with my dog, perfecting my throw at the bowling alley and listening to a good jazz record. I look forward to meeting you and making your trip safe and enjoyable! Tschuss!

Terms and Conditions

LG Limousine and White Knight Limousine

Deposits and Reservations

In most situations there is no up-front deposit required, although a valid credit or debit card may be requested in order to make and hold reservations, at the discretion of LG Limousine; accordingly, an “authorization hold” amount close to the expected charge may be reserved to ensure funds availability. No amount will be charged to the credit /debit card before service. If paying by cash or money order, the amount will be due at time of the trip unless otherwise arranged. Acceptance of a reservation confirms agreement to these terms and conditions unless otherwise mutually agreed.

Account Billing:

Corporate Billing can be arranged to qualified clients. Please call for account set up information. Credit cards and cash are otherwise accepted at or before the time of service.

Included and not Included in Your Quote:

Quotes are “all inclusive” and include all fuel costs, direct vehicle costs, airport vehicle taxes (“stamps”), and toll road charges. Additional charges are rare, and would include trip-related parking fees; “un-reserved overages/overtime” and unscheduled wait time (see below); or other similar direct expenses that we incur in order to serve your requests.

Cancellations and Changes

A cancellation fee of $10 applies to all cancellations made prior to 24 hours before the time for which services were reserved, unless otherwise agreed or waived by Little Green Limousine in writing. “No shows” and cancellations made after 24 hours prior to the reservation time will be charged the full price of reservation unless otherwise mutually agreed. Changes (as opposed to cancellations) made to reservations prior to 48 hours are accommodated as the schedule permits, and there is no change fee. To cancel or change a reservation please call 269-342-7002 as soon as possible. Customer agrees that by receiving any confirmation of a reservation (via telephone, email, or other method) that the cancellation fee would then apply if the reservation is cancelled, and customer agrees to have the fee assessed via the customer’s credit card, or if no credit card is on file to immediately remit the fee(s).

“Wait time,” Delayed or Cancelled Flights (and Trains):

If PRIOR to our departure to the planned arrival airport we are made aware of a cancellation or delay by way of your notice (or through our routine flight monitoring online)—you will not be charged for delayed or cancelled flights. This exception to “no show” fees applies mostly to local area airports. Conversely if we depart in good faith, the following wait time and/or cancellation/”no-show” fees may apply: For airport pickups, wait time will start thirty (30) minutes past the last posted flight arrival time or scheduled pickup time (if later)—or alternatively at our discretion at the “Best and Latest Known Arrival Time” prior to our departure to retrieve the client or recipient of services. Reasonable lengths (defined at our discretion) of wait time will be billed at the hourly rate of the vehicle that was reserved. Cancelled or significantly delayed flights may be treated as a “no show” under our cancellation policy—particularly if we drove to the planned arrival airport—so please advise us of any delays or cancellations at the earliest possible time. That way we can try to make alternative arrangements, see if wait times can be accommodated, and/or if fees can be waived. Service for delayed or cancelled flights is not guaranteed, though every effort will be made to accommodate the changes.

“Wait time” billing for clients who are late for pickups at locations other than airports will begin following a :10 minute grace period after the scheduled pickup time, and be assessed/payable in ¼ hour increments (rounded up) at the regular hourly rate for the chauffeur and vehicle.

“Exclusive Hold/Wait time” during a trip or event

“Exclusive Hold/Wait Time” is the time sometimes granted during a client event or trip where specified in advance and agreed by both parties—after at least one hour of full billing and involving downtime in excess of 1 hour for both the car and vehicle, where no driver services are expected. Exclusive Hold/Wait time is our lowest hourly rate of service.

Unreserved Overages/Extended Time—General

General unreserved overages (additional time over what is scheduled) will be billed at a rate of $70 hour, and assessed in ¼ hour increments, unless otherwise agreed or voluntarily waved by Little Green Limousine. “Unreserved overage” means time of service beyond the quoted time block or pre-arranged trip parameters that are the result of undisclosed or unexpected client requests or delays, and unrelated to the actions of Little Green Limousine services (e.g. meetings that run long, added destinations, etc.). “Unreserved overage” does not include minor road traffic or weather delays (under 30 minutes), does not include flight delays (handled separately above), and does not included delays for which Little Green Limousine bears responsibility. Weather and/or traffic delays resulting in extended drive times of 30 minutes or more (vs. average or normal conditions) may result in additional billing at a rate of $30/hr. “Overage” services of any kind are not guaranteed and are subject to availability and driver discretion.

Smoking Policy

LG Limousine does not allow smoking in any of its limousine fleet.

Unscheduled Changes—not Assured or Promised

Requests for additional unscheduled time will be provided only if the vehicle/driver is not scheduled for other work. In the case of changed flights, cancellations, or client-rescheduled travel, we will go the extra mile to take care of you, but cannot promise an ability to accommodate the new schedule.

Non-Performance Refund

If LG Limousine for any reason of its own making or responsibility will not be able to perform, the customer shall be fully refunded up to the amount of any money paid for that event. (This would include the unlikely event of a cancellation for safety or severe weather, logistical inability to arrive at the pickup location, etc.)

Notice of Known Traffic Delays and Extreme Weather Considerations:

If unsafe conditions exist prior to departure (at the sole discretion of LG Limousine), or if known or highly probable delays are expected to impact your trip by :30 minutes or more—or 30% of the normal and customary travel time—which is smaller—the client will be advised of the opportunity to cancel the reservation without cancellation fee; or, if both parties are willing to proceed, client will accept responsibility for charges for time overages beyond the usual and customary trip length—at the published hourly rate for the vehicle.

Client Waives Rights to Claims for Delays, Property Loss, Damage, Non-negligent Injury

Customer and customer’s passengers hereby waive any and all claims against LG Limousine, or any agent or employee of company for injury, loss or damage, including consequential damages, to passenger’s person or property from whatever cause and however occurring, unless the same is caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of company or its agents or employees. Little Green Limousine is not responsible for lost or stolen items of the customer.

LG Limousine is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown and will only be responsible for making up lost/unused car service time at a mutually agreed date. Company shall in no event be liable for any incidental, consequential, indirect or special damages whatsoever arising out of or related to a delay in getting you to your destination in a timely manner, regardless of the reasons. Little Green Limousine will attempt to allocate a reasonable time to allow for traffic, though it is not responsible for delays due to said traffic, nor is it liable for delays caused by accidents, or any of nature that prevents prompt arrival.

Client Responsibility for Damage to Vehicle/Company Property

Customer is responsible for all actions, including the actions of your party. Any disorderly conduct will be considered a breach of this contract and the entire party may be dropped off at the driver’s discretion. Customer is responsible for any and all damages. Customer agrees to a minimum $150.00 charge which will be assessed to the customer’s credit card (unless other arrangements are made) for cleaning due to spills, smoking or any damages, etc. Customer hereby agrees immediately upon demand to reimburse LG Limousine in full for any and all damages or injury to any company agent or employee, or to any vehicle or property of the company, which is caused by the customer or customer’s party. A detailed list of any damages along with cost will be provided to the customer.

Alcohol & Narcotics Policy

No alcoholic beverages shall be used by clients during passenger-car services. Further, LG Limousine will not be held liable for the actions of customers who serve minors while retaining the services of the company, agent or employees. The driver reserves the right to check identification at any time during services if underage alcohol consumption is suspected. The driver also reserves the right to refuse its services to anyone under the age of 21 if he/she is suspected of alcohol consumption. LG Limousine will not be held responsible for any underage alcohol consumption.

Not a Medical Transportation Service:

Client understands and agrees that LG Limousine does not provide any medical services or specialized mobility assistance, and does not have medically trained personnel. We always do our best to assure safety and to be kind and compassionate, but due to insurance and legal requirements clients and passengers must be able to enter and exit the vehicle safely and independently, without physical assistance from our staff. Passengers must also be able to care for themselves and their own wellbeing at all times. LG Limousine cannot be held liable or accountable for issues or injuries arising from passenger health or mobility challenges, including during ingress and egress.

*Customer agrees to above terms of hire upon confirmation of reservation and/or acceptance of services, whichever occurs first.

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