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Taking good care of you is our genuine pleasure. We believe it is unnecessary to get in a car with a stranger. We want you to feel safe and enjoy your ride—be that with quiet relaxation, your favorite Sirius/XM satellite channel, or friendly dialogue. So here is a little bit about us:

Steve Gibson

Greetings! I'm Steve Gibson, the creator of LG Limousine, and it's absolutely my pleasure to drive for you. It's true, I talked my mother into taking me to the Secretary of State during lunch on my 16th birthday, so I could get my driver's license. Ever since, I'm the guy who prefers to do the driving. I've been fortunate to fly airplanes, explore sunken shipwrecks 250' below the ocean, and operate all sorts of equipment in my life, but I truly still enjoy driving our clients. Add to that the fact our clients are the most kind and amazing people, and I'm in a good place.

Want to hear a secret? My siblings nicknamed me "Mr. Safety." Another? When clients aren't in the car, I'm an audiobook nut who enjoys philosophy, economics, existential questions, and shaking my head at just how wrong many of my opinions have been over the years (a topic I covered in my own books). I've changed my mind at least once on just about every big question of life, which sadly forces me to admit that even my current/revised views may be just as flawed. Whether you want to ride in silence, or chat about currents events and see just how wrong my insights can be, one thing is for sure: I truly enjoy taking good care of people, and will enjoy our time together.

Terry Therkildsen

Greetings, my name is Terry. I retired in 2013 after a 30-year career in the paper industry, in Michigan and Mississippi, and 10 years as a contract computer system technical writer and quality analyst. Driving is really a pleasure for me, and I have at times driven for a living—in freight forwarding and courier service. I really enjoy getting people where they want to be safely, comfortably, and on time. Still married to my first wife, I have three grown children, four grandchildren, and love to visit them in Oklahoma and Colorado. Ski and snowshoeing occupy me in the winter when I'm not driving, and I enjoy play golf in the summer. I look forward to meeting you.

Larry Ellison

Hello, I'm Larry Ellison. Apart from being Steve's neighbor for a couple decades—my real claim to fame—I'm a long-time Kalamazoo area resident who officially retired from Pfizer. I then kept working at Borgess Medical Center in IT and logistics—only to retire again, and then get roped into working some more by LG Limousine—at least when I'm not camping or kayaking with my wife Sue and our golden retrievers.

Stephanie Nelsen

Steve offered a secret, so I will too. I'm Stephanie Nelsen, and I really like the founder of this operation, so much that he's my spouse. My very full-time job is as a nurse liaison manager at the West Michigan Cancer Center, but occasionally it is my sincere pleasure to put my chauffeur's license to work and meet some of our fine clients.

Matt Belen

Hello, I'm Matt Belen. Aside from a four-year stint attending school in Saginaw, I've lived in Kalamazoo my whole life. I am currently in the process of finishing my education at Western Michigan University, to become a police officer. I studied German and am somewhat fluent of the language, but have not found too many speakers in this area. I also recently ended a nine-year tour with the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Explorer Post 265, where I started as an Explorer Cadet and finished as a Civilian Advisor, helping teach students interested in law enforcement. Just like Steve, ever since I received my license I have loved to drive. Along with LG Limousine, I currently work as an assistant manager/delivery driver for Geno's Pizza & Pub in Parchment, MI. Although I'm a history nut, I enjoy reading books on just about any topic. I also like going for walks with my dog, perfecting my throw at the bowling alley and listening to a good jazz record. I look forward to meeting you and making your trip safe and enjoyable! Tschuss!